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Ilumina Medspa offers two different weight loss programs to help you reach your target weight and become a healthier you. Both programs are done under the supervision of a trained medical professional in order to ensure your safety, as well as your commitment to the program. Nutritional consultations also available upon request.

Weight Loss Programs: Treatments

Semaglutide Weight Loss Program

16 week program

Months 1-2: $275 per month

Months 3-4: $375 per month


  • Review of labs and medical history

  • Weekly injections

  • Monthly follow-up with nurse practitioner

  • Unlimited support for questions for duration of program

  • Telehealth (virtual) appointments available

  • Delivery options available

Chicken Breast


6 week program, $450

This program will provide nutritional support, including food recommendations, meal-planning support, and ketosis monitoring to assist ketosis and improve weight loss outcomes. Medically supervised keto ensures that this diet is safe for you. Furthermore, supervision keeps you more accountable and has shown higher rates of success!


  • Medical assessment and review of labs

  • 6 fat burning+energizing vitamin injections

  • Weekly follow-up: weigh-ins, measurements, vitals, discussion of diet progression

  • Unlimited support for questions for 6 week program plus first week of maintenance 

  • Clean start book: guide to keto and intermittent fasting, diet tips, recipes, exercise guide/program, guide to maintenance phase (important for helping ensure you don’t gain all the weight back)

Weight Loss Programs: Treatments
Weight Loss Programs: Text
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